An Albino Great White ? WTF

This very white great white shark was washed ashore last week on a beach in New South Wales Australia and speculation ran hot on social media that it was a rare albino shark. Experts however have confirmed its likely the little baby shark was in fact leucistic – a defect in skin cells which is in fact not albino at all – evident in its black eyes.

Beached baby great white washed up near Sydney that was oddly a little too white -photo: Luke Anslow
The normal coloration on a great white -photo; Courtesy of Brocken Inaglory


The crazy “white” white shark discovery was made in Port Hacking in southern Sydney, and photos were posted to Facebook by Luke Anslow who stated “Beached itself in the shallows in Port Hacking. Not something you see every day. Albino white.

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