Big 12 ft Great White clears Snapper Rocks QLD

And It Was Big Enough To Be A Man Eater

Last Thursday as a Westpac Lifesaver Helicopter was passing the world famous Snapper Rocks surf break on the Gold Coast, Australia a crewman named Mike spotted a massive shark lurking just behind the break which was loaded with surfers. The surf has been pumping of late with a couple of low systems squirting swell at the east coast of Oz and with it comes hordes of surfers are in the water hooking in.

Mike told a local newspaper “We definitely think it was a great white because of the shape of the body and the color and the sheer size.We got a good reference of the size of the shark because the average surfer was riding a 6-foot board and it was double the size of them.”

great white at snapper rocks
The big 12 ft Great White lurking at Snapper photo taken by Westpac Helicopter crew


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