[Bizzare Story Of The Week] Mans Ashes Used As Bait To Hook 180 lb Fish

Fishing stories can often take a life of their own, and grow and become legends – huge fish landed or lost in freakish circumstances. But these bunch of fishing mates from the UK have one hell of a twist to their story – taking the ashes of a cremated fishing buddy , turning them into bait and hooking a whopping fish in his honour.

Ron Hopper was on his deathbed when he hatched a plan with his mates to take part of his ashes to scatter at a lake in Thailand they all have fished together in the past – and his buddies did just that. After making bait pellets out of his ashes they went to the lake and began fishing and would you believe it – they hook a massive 180 pound  Siamese carp that if world records were still being kept for this species would have broken the previous record at 134 pounds – well done guys and rest in peace with the fishes Ron !

180lb carpcaught with ashes
180 pounds of carp hooked with Rons ashes as bait ! photo – telegraph.co.uk
the bait they made from Rons ashes – photo:telegraph.co.uk


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