Blue Catfish Record broken twice by same dude in 24 hours

And they were some big North Carolina cats

Fishing guide Zakk Royce had done in a day what most North Carolina “cat” fisherman dream about in a lifetime – breaking the State record. In less than 24 hours Zac caught a 91 pound cat then followed it up with a 105 pound beast, both breaking the standing record which stood at 89 pounds from Badin Lake.

Zakk can hardly get his hands around the beast – photo: courtesy of Zakk Royce

Both catches were made on Lake Gaston where Zakk and his father after hooking the first one had to stay up all night pumping water into the live bait well waiting for the state biologist to certify the catch. After which he threw out new baited lines and had hooked the second one straight away.

And this was Zakks (right) record breaking 105 pound pig which he released to fight another day – photo: courtesy of Zakk Royce

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