[ BREAKING NEWS] Crew From Popular River Monster Series Rescue Stranded Fisherman From Certain Death

Jeremy Wade and the Animal Planet’s TV crew of the popular fishing show ‘River Monsters’ have turned a shoot scouting mission into a life saving rescue operation of a stranded fisherman.

Like something out of a Bear Grylls survival reality TV show – Jeremy and the crew happened to be searching a remote deserted island off the Gulf of Carpenteria which is located in the far north tropics of Australia when they spotted this guy clinging to life on the island shore – some 60 hours he claimed after losing his boat and contact with civilization.The man, whom they later found out was named Tremine, told the crew he was “preparing for death” in the blistering hot conditions. Tremine, a roofer from Borroloola in northern Australia is one damn lucky fisherman that a crew from one of the worlds most popular fishing shows happened to come past – pretty f*ckin lucky we reckon!



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