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Watch This Massive Great White Literally Shart Over Divers In A Cage

Big Great White Sharks are known for there ferocity, huge 3 inch teeth and aggressive predator nature where they will bite and eat almost anything from propellers to shark cages, but this cunning shark got one over this group of gawkers in a stunningly beautiful and simple way–the old big green cloud of shit. This […]

Chris Pratt Smashes Big Bass While On The Set OF Magnificent 7

Hollywood heavyweight Chris Pratt is a BIG bass fisherman, so much so that every break they had on the set of filming the latest Magnificent 7 feature film in Louisiana he was hitting the ponds. He tells the story of when the rain stopped shooting which happened regularly, everyone else would be bummed, but he […]

Former Pro Surfer Goes Bass Fishing With 3 Times NBA Champ Brian Shaw

It’s not often you get sporting champs who come across to pro bass fishing and do well, but former pro surfer turned bass pro Todd Kline has certainly achieved what few can. Appearing on the show ‘Stoked on Fishing’, Todd hooks up with none other than NBA champ Brian Shaw who also is a pretty […]

Watch This Massive Topwater Catfish Strike It Is Unmissable

We often see highlight reels of some massive top water bass strikes where lunkers inhale baby duck or crawlers in a might explosion. But this video shows a dude float fishing, using a Suicide Duck flicking it under overhanging brush hoping to entice a hit..and man does he get hit !

You Have To Check Out The New Smallmouth Bass State Record For Michigan

Bass fisherman Bruce Kraemer from Treasure Island, Florida was out last Sunday fishing his usual spots on the Indian River in Cheboygan County when BAM – he hooks up to a beast of a Smallie. The record catch was verified by Tim Cwalinksi from Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources and tipped the scales at an incredible 9.98 pounds […]

If You Haven’t Seen This Absolute Pig Of A Smallie Wrap Your Eyes Around This Stud

We see some nice bass get posted to social media – but every now and then you see an absolute LUNKER of a pig that just boggles the mind. Patrick Hildenbrand a.k.a bass_slayer224 on Instagram was out fishing a state federation tournament on the St. Lawrence River off the 1000 Islands in NY when using a dropshot in […]

Oh Man Check This Blue Cat That Went 100+ Pounds Captured On Vid

It’s not often you get to watch a dude hook into a massive blue cat but these guys in this video have managed to land a whopping 100+ pound beast. Fisherman Jakob Hals and Luke Hentges got the film rolling during this huge battle fishing the Missouri River in Missouri. Check out the action – insane […]

New York Governor Cuomo Gets Smashed For Taking This 150 pound Thresher

Last Sunday , NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo went on a fishing trip off the South Shore of Long Island and managed to hook and land a decent 154 pound thresher shark. While this is not unusual to land and then keep the shark for dinner, which is entirely legal, it is another thing to be a […]

This Massive Sheepshead Just Broke The NY Record

Amelia Whalen was out fishing on June 4 at Lake Champlain in Essex County, NY when BOOM – the 12 year old avid angler hooks a massive freshwater drum that went 29 pounds 14 ounces, breaking the previous state record set in 2014 by more than 3 pounds. Amelia caught the beast on a Lazer Blade worked […]