Check This Insane Custom Luxury Car Upgrade For The Fly Man

Most fisherman enjoy getting a few custom made bits of gear every now and then – there’s something about having a lure or rod that other people don’t – but this optional upgrade to the new Bentayga from the car makers Bentley takes that feeling to a whole new level.

If you’re a fly fisherman with some spare cash – and we are are talking like over $200,000 for the latest Bentley that has the perfect catch for in its upgrade offer – a handmade custom fitted and outfitted fishing set.

Comprised of four rods kept in saddle leather trimmed tubes with linen cross-stitching, which are stored on the underside of the parcel shelf. It also comes with two nets in leather bags which are stored in a carpet trimmed hard pocket in the boot.

bentley custom
The master tackle station is all wood grained, buffed and polished to look the piece regardless of your ability to catch fish – image:
bentley custom 2
Look the part but part with some hard earned for the luxury fishing tackle station on the new Bentayga by Bentley – image:

The centre piece is a fitted master tackle station made up of three individual saddle leather trimmed units; a tackle box, drinks case and waterproof wader-storage trunk. The tackle box features a walnut veneer draw that contains all your fly fishing tools, solid aluminum reel cases trimmed in saddle leather.


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