Chris Pratt Is Addicted to Fishing and You Know Why ?

Because His Father Taught Him and Now He Can’t Get Enough

Chris Pratt is a big hollywood movie star but at heart he’s a hardcore fisherman – who is qouted as saying ” I love to fish so much it might be a sickness. I was born this way” – we say we know the feeling bro – boom.


MAIN-Chris-Pratt-paid-a-touching-tribute-to-his-late-father (1)
Chris Pratt pays tribute to his fisherman father who has handed down the addictive sport from father to son – love it. image source -Mirror,Rex,Twitter

His father whom died last year from a battle with MS by all accounts loved fishing and the outdoors and looks like the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree .

This is Chris and his bro Sully baggin out on a fishing trip to Louisiana image source : Instagram




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