Chris Pratt Smashes Big Bass While On The Set OF Magnificent 7

Hollywood heavyweight Chris Pratt is a BIG bass fisherman, so much so that every break they had on the set of filming the latest Magnificent 7 feature film in Louisiana he was hitting the ponds. He tells the story of when the rain stopped shooting which happened regularly, everyone else would be bummed, but he would grab his pole and head out chasing bass.

“This set that they built was on a huge chunk of private land, and there were a couple ponds on there stocked with bass,” Pratt, 37, explained Monday during a Town Hall taping for SiriusXM’s Entertainment Weekly Radio.

“So I was loving it when the rain would come and they had to shut down production. Everyone was like, ‘God damn it,’ and I was like, ‘I’m going fishing!’ I must have fished 100 to 200 hours.”

Sounds like himself and Ethan Hawke who also was keen on it caught every fish in those ponds, even after being told by the owner to “quit fishing my pond” after being caught posting bass on social media!



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