Day 2 –Hope- Hope

Day 2 –Hope-


Hope. We hope for the best. Hope believes in the best. Have you ever met a pessimistic fisherman? You won’t, because a fisherman hopes in things unseen. A fisherman will love a spot that never quite yields what he desires, but he returns for the spot itself; the shade of a tree, the reflection of the water, a fond memory, that unmistakable eddy in the river. He returns to it like a blushing bride.


How do we hope in people, when they disappoint us so? Because we don’t love them for what they yield, or for how they meet our expectations, but for who they are, why we find peace in them, why we return to them. For the same reason we love a spot. A continuous oxygenated, bubbling brook yielding a trout is like the friend who wakes every morning and works hard at his job without complaining. The lingering branches of a willow bring shade and leaves like fingers pull at the water, like the women at work who always greets you with a smile even when she’s lost so much. A spot that is quiet and remote, unreachable by most, is like the best friend that kept all your secrets. When we hope, we appreciate. When we despair, we depreciate. The fisherman always returns, he always hopes, even when it doesn’t yield a catch.

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