DIY Lures Are The Bomb

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Make These Lures For Fark All and Catch Fish With More Satisfaction

Be the envy our your buddies when you pull out one of these home-made ugly as fuck lures and proceed to bag a lunker –

Grandmas Old Spoon

If you have an abundance of silverware lying around, why not repurpose a few pieces of it to make a shiny new selection of lures? Using little more than stainless steel spoons, thread, glue, feathers, and a few metalworking tools, you will be able to transform that spoon you’ve been using for years as a coffee stirrer into an elegant and eye-catching lure. (Trust us: it will catch the fish’s eye, too.) Simply cut the handle off, sand the edge, and drill a few holes in either end, and the spoon will be ready to go. Add a fishhook, some thread, and a few colorful feathers, and you have a ready-to-go fishing lure.

Le Cork Popper

Are you a wine and beer drinker ? stupid question right? Make good use of your corks and turn them into lures for bass fishing. Simply cut the cork lengthwise with a sharp knife, stopping before you cross the mid-point, then insert a long fishing hook into the cut before gluing it all back together. Poke a hole in the beer cap and glue that to the nose to make the popper action work and you can also decorate your cork with paint or googly eyes to make it a more attractive sight for fish.

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