Dude Catches Huge 400 pound Groper With DIY Wrench Jig FFS !

Plenty of fisherman love using home-made lures and flies to catch fish – the sense of satisfaction is a big attraction – but man- this fisherman who has hooked a fish of a lifetime with his DIY wrench jig has taken it to another whole new level.

Ryan Hein of St. Petersburg, Florida was 30 mile offshore fishing with his home-made No.11 wrench jig when BAM – after only a few jigs he hooks a very very big 400 pound Goliath Grouper

“I knew it was a huge fish immediately,” he told WFTS. “I had no control at first, just holding on as the fish went wherever it wanted to.”


the No.11 wrench Ryan rigged with twin stingers that hooked the grouper -photo: Ryan Hein

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