Dude Gets Bitten By Shark And Uses WHAT ? To Get It Off !

Aussie fisherman Scott van Burck who runs charters out of the Gold Coast has been nailed by a reef shark after bringing it onboard.

“I just brought a shark on board and he flicked his head and it bit me on the leg,” Mr van Burck told 9NEWS.

Once the shark had given Scott a love bite and latched onto his calf, Scott had to pin him down and get the deckhand AJ to rip it off using a pair of pliers by prying open the jaws. Then reached for a roll of duct tape to patch it up FFS !

Scott ended up calling Mum – who called the Ambulance and the story ends with Scott gettin sown up in hospital.

the charter captain after getting a love bite from a reef shark – image: 7news and cover image by Jerad Williams


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