El Nino bringing in more than just venomous snakes to Californian beaches

It appears now that scientists are seeing first hand evidence of the very strong El Nino weather pattern unfolding in the East Pacific that fisherman in Southern California have known about for months as warm “blobs” of water attract all sorts of unusual sportsfish into locations previously unheard for the time of the year.

sea snake california
the venomous yellow bellow sea snake found near San Diego last week – a sign of things heating up ! photo :Carolyn Larcombe/Wandiyali Images

At least 3 highly venomous yellow-belly Sea Snakes have been washed ashore in the past couple of months with the latest found on a beach near San Diego. According to Greg Pauly, curator of herpetology at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County who told the Guardian that “It’s been an incredibly interesting year for southern California. We’ve seen tuna and marlin and tropical bird species such as red-footed boobies,”

strange species turning up everywhere !


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