Ever Wanted To Hook A Supersized Trout – The Mighty Taimen May Be The Answer

These Mad Fish from Mongolia Are Another Exotic Species to Tick Off

The Hucho Taimen or Siberian Salmon is a massive freshwater salmon that lives in rivers in Mongolia and Russia and is quickly becoming a fly fishermans’ exotic sports fish to have on the bucket list.

These beasts can be regularly caught over 100cm, which is classed as a Trophy and to make them even more awesome to catch are often found in smaller rivers and streams. They are surface feeders and will absolutely smash surface flies and like Tarpon will give you some aerial action making them one impressive target species.

The maximum size is not assured, but supposedly a fish caught in the Kotui River in Russia in 1943 with a length of 210 cm (83 in) and a weight of 105 kg (231 lb) is the largest size recorded. The world record is 92.5 lb or 41.95 kg with a length of 156 cm.

taimen 3 taimen 2


If your interested in chasing them you will need to organise a charter and there are a few who run em in Mongolia – see below for source

images: www.fishmongolia.com


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