A Simple Fishing Knot

Jeff Williams of Team Catfish passes along the simple knot his grandmother taught to him that he still uses with several types of line.
Fishing lure with local roots gets reboot
NOSTALGIA DICTATED we forgo the blue cat winter fishing story idea – for now.
Read story: http://www.tulsaworld.com/

The Rig Guide: How to tie a Heli Rig

Part of Korum’s ‘The Rig Guide’ series, we show you how to construct a simple, easy-to-tie Helicopter rig that is perfect for a wide range of specimen fishing situations. Whether you’re fishing for specimen bream and tench, big carp or even roach, this rig will fit the situation.

Look out for other videos, making rig tying easy. Whether its carp fishing rigs, tench rigs, method feeder rigs, or even how to ties essential fishing knots, this series has it all!

Bucktail Treble Hooks for Fishing Lures

Tying fly fishing flies, making fishing lures and cranking out these dressed treble hooks are what I find to be enjoyable. In this video from 2008, which I am just now uploading for documenting purposes, I share the first steps in tying dressed treble hooks. Whether you are a fisherman, fly tier or a person interested in working with your hands. I hope you find enjoyment in a simple process that now is a main stay in the rest of my life.

Thank you for watching!!

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