[Gear Review] – A Kayak That Will Do 32 Mph FFS !

That right folks – you heard it correctly – this kayak by Aquanami called the Jet Angler will hit 32 Mph at top speed – under jet propulsion !

This has got to be the best hybrid design that captures the best of a kayak with the power and speed of a boat.

Aquanami have created a pretty awesome craft with the jet angler and with her specs doing all the talking:

  • The “Jet Angler” can hold one or two people and comes standard with multiple rod holders
  • 3.7-gallon gas tank that will give you approximately 100 miles on a single tank
  • It can hold up to a 17.5  Horsepower, 4 Stroke gasoline engine and will hit speeds of 32 MPH with one person and 28 MPH max speed with two people
  • Apparently very stable and very tough to flip over
  • Flat button hull to get you in less than a foot of water
  • Dry weight: 249 lbs
  • Has an automatic bilge pump in the engine compartmen
  • It was designed for fishing the flats and for duck hunting
  • Works great in both freshwater and saltwater
  • It uses a central joystick for steering
  • Price: $5,980 (according to the Aquanami website)

At that price its more expensive than the top line self-propelled Hobie fishing craft but if your getting a jet engine that can carry you 100 miles on one tank at top speed of 32 Mph – well fuck me its easy to see the allure if your at that price point



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