[ GEAR Review] Are These SUPS Looking A Little Too Like A Floating Stair-master ?

Hobie are again up to their revolutionary tricks..this time though they may well have just taken the hybrid design a little too far..we will let you be the judge of that.

The Mirage Eclipse is what Hobie is labelling the “pedalboard” – a hybrid of a SUP and their patented MirageDrive pedal drive system that is currently available in many of their fishing kayaks.

Rather than the traditional SUP paddle – you get a pair of bicycle like handlebars – so that together with the pedal system you get what kind of resembles a floating stairmaster..and if you want to look all cutting edge and on trend – it will set you back a cool $2499 for the 10.5-foot model and $2599 for the 12-foot model when they go on sale later this spring.


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