Getting The Barra Trophy Pic Is OK with Fisheries Now

And It’s About Bloody Time FFS!

Ever hooked a nice Barra during closed season and taken a trophy pic to show off your cracker fish to mates – well previously Qld Fisheries had indicated that this was possibly illegal as certainly targeting and keeping Barra was illegal between November and February each year with punishment of upto $110,000 in fines.

Fisheries has released a statement clarifying that in fact it is NOT illegal to take photos of Barramundi during closed season.

“It’s important that barramundi are not targeted during a closed season as the stress of capture may actually prevent the fish from spawning,” a Fisheries spokeswoman told the Cairns Post.Taking photographs of barramundi caught during this period is not encouraged as the longer the fish is out of water, the greater stress and damage the fish can endure”

Fisheries reckon its OK now to get your trophy pic to taunt your mates with ! photo supplied.


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