Great White Shark Spotted Off Marino Rocks Was As Big As A Caravan

Shark Fishing Insane

Yesterday afternoon a massive  Great White estimated to be around 7 metres in length was spotted by the Westpac Helicopter about 200 metres off Marino Rocks Beach just south of Adelaide in South Australia. The crew of the helicopter used a nearby 6 metre boat to estimate the size of the shark and were quoted as saying “It’s the biggest I’ve ever seen as a crew member in the Westpac chopper. We put it down as 7m the photo really doesn’t do it justice,”

Goes without saying it quickly cleared the beach !

A supplied image obtained Monday, Jan. 19, 2016 of a seven metre great white shark spotted off Adelaide's coast by a helicopter patrol. The shark was seen 100 metres offshore at the Marino Rocks on Sunday afternoon. (AAP Image/SA Shark Alerts) NO ARCHIVING, EDITORIAL USE ONLY
bit of a dodgy pic but all reports it was as big as fuck – photo:AAP Image/SA Shark Alerts


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