Kayaks Are Storming The Fishing World – Innovative Gear for 2015

The Affordable Kayak Has Changed The Game For Fisherman

If you haven’t noticed the huge increase in the number of fisherman getting around in kayaks at your local spot then your either blind or one of them! It is seriously a fishing revolution that has predominately been driven by affordability. Once upon a time accessing  on-water fishing of lakes, dams, rivers and inshore reefs were the domain of boats only but the rise and rise of easily manufactured and affordable poly kayaks has made all these locations fair game.

kayak hooking marlin

Kayak fishing is now a dedicate hardcore sport with no species sacred – guys landing massive Marlin and Tuna on a kayak that is towed around for hours are amazing stories of strength and resilience. For stealth fishing for bass and tarpon on the flats there is nothing more amazing than sitting just above water level and your lure explodes next to the kayak as a big fish smashes it.

Other benefits include launching wherever you can get down to the water edge compared to a boat , accessing skinny shallow water and minimal maintenance issues with no engines/trailers.The rigs can be pimped out with everything from trolling motors,live bait wells, sounders and just about every other fixing you can get on a standard boat.


New Innovation in ‘Yaks This Year – Pimp This Shit Up

kayak kaddy
The Kayak Kaddy is just that – it lugs around all your gear whilst keeping your main rig mostly free



DFP-Fishing-Kayak-with-Retractable-Pontoons-1 THe DFP goes high tec with hidden stabilisers -Once the stabilisers are deployed the kayak becomes very stable and offers stand up options



predator-3 with inline trolling motor
The Predator 3 jams in a powerful inline trolling motor for ultra stealth sessions
camp on kayak
When you just gotta be the first on the water – just camp the night
hybrid after market conversion into stand up
hybrid after market conversion into stand up is the real deal pimp out
kayak with lights
add a few LED strip lights and your ride is lookin the bomb
kayak lights 2
these internal lighting packages can be awfully useful when on a dusk or dawn session and they  look awesome



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