[ NEW DETAILS] Tragic Case of Missing Teens Lost At Sea While Fishing In Florida

The story of the tragic case of two teens who went missing 9 months ago and were never found  off the coast of Florida has had more information come to light after their boat was found.

Perry Cohen and Austin Stephanos, both 14, set off on a fateful fishing trip on the morning of July 24 last year from the Jupiter area in Palm Beach County, Florida and failed to return after rough seas and high winds whipped up a storm that afternoon. Their bodies were never recovered after extensive searching however new information as to what may have have happened to the boys in their final hours has come to light after the discovery of their 19 foot boat off the coast of Bermuda, including the Austin’s waterlogged Iphone. Their may have been a final message to friends sent by Snapchat that eerily read “We’re f’d” . Stay tuned as the case goes to court between the families over the phone!

Perry and Cohen were lost at sea in a tragic accident while on a fishing adventure – image: US Coast Guard


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