Scott Eastwood buffs up for role and takes it fishing

And He Looks Like He Knows What He Is Doing

Scott Eastwood had his gear out and ready for action on his way offshore fishing at Oceanside, CA, last Friday. Looking all buffed from his recent role in Suicide Squad, the junior Eastwood from acting and directing family royalty has been busy lately with wrapping up filming for that role and shooting on Taylor Swift’s new music video.

Scott-Eastwood-Shirtless-While-Fishing-LA-Pictures (1)
Can never have enough rods on a trip offshore – image source: Popsugar/Splash News Online

We are unsure if he managed to hook anything but I’m not sure the ladies really care !


Rod – check, Bait – check, Shirt – hmm forgot it – image source : Popsugar/Splash News Online



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