Shark Fisherman Tells It Like It IS – Hookin Big Sharks Regularly Just Off Far North NSW Beaches

Going shark fishing for most of us recreational fisherman is a big weekend trip – gettin the right gear,bait and time to land a big shark is a lot of work – but for old mate Joel Merchant who is a professional with a license to hunt sharks in the Tweed area – its all in a days work – or used to be anyway.

Joel told the Gold Coast Bulletin last week that –

“No one is fishing them ( sharks) any more and that’s why they’re getting a lot bigger,” he said.

“I’m not calling for open slather because the sharks will just be annihilated but I have noticed a lot more big tiger sharks around at the moment.

“The great white sharks are protected. I never get any of them anyway because they just smash my gear. A few spearfishing mates said saw about a 4.5m shark off Kingscliff reef recently and about six bull sharks once off Fingal.”

He also added that ” the high price of NSW commercial shark fishing licenses and a 500kg weekly catch limit meant it was no longer worthwhile.”

So Joel is taking his own footage and posting video on Facebook of big sharks he is hooking regularly just off the coastline in Northern NSW Australia- like this one last week -” old mate Dusky ” ( big 3.5 metre Dusky Whaler ) he hooked that he quoted as being ” a bit big” to get fully in the boat.

Joel couldn’t give a flying f*ck about local whingers -his almost 4 metre whaler from last week – image: Joel Merchant/Gold Coast Bulletin

Its not  the only time though Joel has been criticized for his couldn’t give a toss attitude  with a big shark he hooked a year ago making headlines

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