SUP Fishing Is Going Hi Tech in 2016 – Bluetooth Elec Propulsion FFS !

This innovative SUP Fishing craft is where the future of high tec fishing is going – boards that have in-built jet propulsion and are self inflating !

Gearin’ up for a session on the Fisherman – handy if ya can get out on a bank- photo courtesy of

The SIPA Fisherman is a cracking example of the latest gear for 2016 where a general all-round SUP ( all be it with the latest tech on board) has been tailored for the stand up fishing market. The in-line propulsion system as seen below can have you cruising along and casting at around 2-3 knots for 3 hours on a charge. With an overall weight of around 40 lbs (18 kgs) this is easy to transport as it fold up into a sick carry bag that literally slings over the shoulder. The coolest shit is that the motor is controlled by the paddle via bluetooth which would seem like a good idea for cruising but when casting ? maybe a wrist attachment might be useful so you can slow or stop with rod in hand when sight casting – all in all we reckon this kind of innovative fishing craft is the future of still water fishing.

photo : courtesy of
photo : courtesy of
The real danger is your beau may use it more than you ! photo : courtesy of



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