The Anglr Is Wearable Tech For The Hardcore Fisherman

If your a fisherman who enjoys using a little tech at times – be it planning fishing expeditions with new navigation technology or chasing bass with the latest bass seeking baits – the Anglr Tracker should be high up on your must check out list.  The device that attaches to the rod gathers and tracks different sets of data including your casts ( number and direction), catches, reel activity, fight time and allows at the push of a button to create a spot locations for particular fishing spots or catches. This data is all transferred and processed in the app without having to open your smartphone.

The idea behind by this new fishing tracking tech comes from 3 fishing buddies Nic Wilson, Landon Bloomer, and TJ Corbett who were fishing the Allegheny near Oil City last summer when they started strapping their smartphones to their rods to gather bits of useful data. This then developed into a specific tracking app and then the linking of the app to a purpose built device that attaches to a fishing rod.

The guys had some early success and the after the app was first launched they had 6,000 users. They now have seed funding of $1 million from Bluetree Allied Angels in Pittsburgh to build out the hardware which they expect to build locally – American-made is also ticking boxes for us.


ANGLR Tracker from ANGLR on Vimeo.

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