The BaitCloud Is One Seriously Innovative Bit of New Fishing Gear

Every year there is a new product to hit the market that looks like a game changer – be it a new reel or sounder – and this year is no exception except it’ a bait’s a BaitCloud.

Essentially the BaitCloud concept is a small fit in the hand ball of compressed stuff that upon contact with water and after sinking will release attractants to bring in the fish however it’s not considered chum as there is nothing in it for the fish to eat. The crew behind the BaitCloud state on their website that the balls ” brings the fish to you by combining scent, sound and visual attractants into a single, proven, easy to use biodegradable product that is irresistible to fish. The product mimics the signals emitted by schools of baitfish drawing game fish into the target area”.

They have a range of ball “formulas ” that include Bass, Walleye and even Catfish with a 3 pack comin in a tennis ball like canister for $10.99 – check it out

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