The Word Is This Smallie Is A Record in Idaho But Its Hush Hush

This massive Idaho smallmouth bass has mysteriously appeared on social media and photos of its hulking form has got bass enthusiasts in Idaho buzzing with questions – like is it big enough to break the record ?

The lunker smallie had been reported to have been caught by Quinten Kelly in Idaho’s Dworshack Reservoir and was posted onto the Smallmouth Nation Facebook page.

How big ? a photo shows it going 9.5 pounds – this would make it very very close to the current record which stands at 9.7 pounds caught by Dan Steigers in 2006 at the same place.

smallie 2-630x339
now that is a BIG smallie – caught on Dworshack Reservoir recently – image: smallmouth nation facebook
Quinten and his lunker – image: smallmouth nation facebook page


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