These Dudes Hooked A Massive Bluefin In A Tiny Boat- And It Towed Em 15 Miles

Earlier this month, 3 dudes in a small boat 50 miles west offshore of San Diego set a very big bait out and waited to see what happened. They were not f*ckin around though – they had a live mackerel hooked to a big rod n reel outfit packin 80 pound mono – not like turning up to a gunfight with a knife. But what they didn’t have was a big game fish boat with powerful motors and high rails and fighting chair.

The live mackerel got smacked by a 240 pound bluefin and it was on like donkey kong. The guys battled the bluefin for 8.5 hours into the night and it towed them 15 miles from the hook-up point !

After landing it they had to call the coast guard to guide em in by radio and after bringing it to the local fishing club for weighing found it was just a tick under the current California State record.

Fishing buddies Joseph Aunders, Zach Zorn and Seth DuBois (left to right) with their massive 240 pounder bluefin that towed em 15 miles before landing – image:Courtesy of the Balboa Angling Club

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