These Lunkers Are The Biggest Bass Ever Caught

Imagine Hooking These Chunks At Your Local

When your fishin buddies come back after a session and start talkin big hawgs – just show em these insanely big bass – should shut em up !

largemouth record bass
The All Time Record Largemouth Bass hooked by George Perry in Montgomery Lake Georgia in 1932 and went 22lbs 4oz and still is regarded as an equal record today


Current World Record was caught by Manabu Kurita on Lake Biwa of Japan and went an equally massive 22lbs 5oz


record sea bass 400lbs cali
Whilst not a largemouth none the less worth a mention this massive record sea bass went 400lbs and was caught in California


2 thoughts on “These Lunkers Are The Biggest Bass Ever Caught

    • Ben says:

      Bang on Brandon – Dottie was legendary stuff reported to be over 25lbs when caught in 2006 but never weighed in time – released – caught again but snagged so didn’t count – then found dead years later and weighed 3lbs less than reports!

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