These Sharks Caught In West Australia Are BIG But Are They “Mega-Sharks”?

The big 13ft + Hammer the boys caught and landed off the beach – check out that dorsal fin ! photo : Joshua Butterworth/Rogue Offshore

Two blokes from West Australia have hooked 2 huge sharks that have been reported internationally as ‘Mega-Sharks’ by social media and GrindTV. Joshua Butterworth and Jethro Bonnichta of Esperance, Australia went on a shark fishing trip on a beach north of Carnavon for a week and caught and released over 30 sharks in total but the highlights were a 13 ft hammerhead and a big tiger estimated to be over 770 lbs.

No arguing Jethro this is one Tiger you would not want to run into out surfing ! photo: Joshua Butterworth/Rogue Offshore

Now a few old time crusty shark fisherman might argue these sharks are not ‘Mega-Sharks” which indeed is a valid argument – the IGFA All Tackle record for a tiger shark is held by Aussie Kevin Clapson who landed a 1785 pound ( 810kg) tiger at Ulladulla, south of Sydney,NSW in 2004. Now that is roughly double the size of Jethro’s tiger and arguably a Mega-Shark !!


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