Thinking of Chasing Big Big Chinooks All Day Long ?

The Dean River in British Colombia is the home to some big beasts of Chinooks

Chinook Salmon are big fish and they pull like a freight trains. If your not familiar with these slabs of insanely powerful silver and want to chase what is fast becoming a premier sportsfish that are built to out-power massive rapids on fast flowing rivers through huge canyons – then this fish should be on your list.

big Dean River BC chinook
This big girl is hard to lift out of the water after an exhausting fight for fish and fisherman


You can either fish the Spring Chinook run or the Fall Chinook run using techniques like back bouncing, drifting, back trolling and hover fishing, all used during different times of the season and differentiating flows of water. Targeting these on fly, they readily and aggressively smash flies on the surface and will test your gear to the max or given the variable weather and resultant feeding conditions of the these speedsters you’re going to be using eggs, herring, super baits, shrimp or prawns as bait.

lock and load








If your interested in finding someone who knows the traps on Dean River look no further than the Kimsquit Bay Lodge, near the mouth of the Dean River.


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