This ALBINO Muskie Hooked In Canada Is Crazy

For years Perry Peterson outta Arizona would be fishin a specific part of the Lake of the Woods up in Canada when he would be visited by a mysterious white muskie, getting lure follows but never a hook up. Perry would tell his buddies but they wouldn’t believe him – an all white muskie ? yeah right FFS!.

But now Perry has the drop – he managed to hook this insane albino muskie on a recent trip. “It was so easy to see,” Peterson said in an interview. “It was almost like it glowed in the dark. It looked like a birch log.”

albino muskie 2
Perry and his crazy albino muskie – All images via Perry Peterson/Facebook

“We were resigned to the fact that we’d probably never catch it, but hoped to get a photo,” he wrote in an email to “A couple days later, while casting over the same general area, we were burning spinnerbaits and spoons over and through the weeds and getting some explosive hits from pike and muskies. While doing this, the albino musk hit at the end of the cast, and it wasn’t until it was halfway to the boat that we realized it was ‘the fish.’”

albino muskie 3
eventually Perry got his man -All images via Perry Peterson/Facebook

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