This Amazing House In Oklahoma Was Built By A Famous Fisherman and Inspired By Fishing – And IS For Sale !

When it comes to famous US fisherman , those in the know will have heard of Texan R.D. Hull. This is the guy you can thank if you have every enjoyed the birds nest free action of the spinning reel. In 1947 he developed a new form of reel that set the world of fishing on fire – the fixed spool spinning reel. He was a watch maker and tinkerer whose newly designed reel was picked up by Zebco and would become a revolution – the Zebco 33 spincast. Before the inventor died in 1977, more than 70 million Zebco reels had been sold, and Hull had been granted 35 U.S. patents

But that’s the side story to how R.D Hull then decided in 1970 to build a house in the shape of a reel. He found the location on the banks of a beautiful bit of bass fishing water north-east of Tulsa and employed architect Cecil Stanfield to create a real house-sized version of his passion – fishing reels.

The 12,620-square-foot house has seemingly remained untouched and it and its famous fishing royalty history is yours for a cool $6 million.


oklahoma house 2
R.D Hull invented the spinning reel and his fishing reel inspired house is now for sale – image: all images Chinowth & Cohen
no shortage of access to some prime bass fishing from R.R Hulls place – image: Chinowth & Cohen


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