This Dude Hooked A Very Big Tiger Shark In Western Australia

There have of late been some big sharks caught off Western Australia and now there is another with shark fisherman Nick Schoevaart hooking this crazy big 4.2 metre (13 feet) Tiger Shark at Cheynes Beach near Albany in the far south of the state. It took him an hour and a half to battle it in and told local media ” “I eased him up on to a waist-deep ledge in between the waves, got a photo of him, took the hook out of the mouth, and pushed him back in with the next wave and sent him on his way,” Mr Schoevaart said, adding. “It was caught on 80 pound (36kg) line so it was a real contest … I had to have the next day off work because my back was so sore.”

big WA tiger
Nicks big tiger -image :
big WA tiger2
4.2 metres of big tiger – image:

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