This Great White Is Still THE Biggest Fish Ever Caught And You Wont Believe What The Bait Was

And It Went a Massive 2664 pounds

Alfred Dean hooked this insanely massive Great White Shark off the coast of Ceduna in South Australia. Old mate Alfred was no fool and worked out what kind of bait was needed to catch a BIG fish –  a warm blooded bait was the tastiest so he hooked on a Porpoise FFS ! We don’t condone the use of big mammals as bait these days !

When Big Fish needed Big Bait - photo Sprtsfishingmag/IFGA
When Big Fish needed Big Bait – photo Sportsfishingmag/IGFA

Like many of the IGFA World Record catches that were caught before modern fishing came in with catch and release practices and the ocean was full of very big old fish , this one was caught in 1959.


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