This Is A Bizzare Bass – The Golden One !

And If You Want to Catch One Good Luck !

Ever thought that the bass you caught looked a little off color ? well get an eyeball full of this – behold The Golden Bass !

Bass fisherman Markus Bardy was out working hard on day 2 of the Quinte Fishing Series  near Belleville on Lake Ontario when bam he hooked what can only be described as the bass of a lifetime – and not a bad size for the weigh in either.

Now This Is The Golden Boy ! photo : GrindTV/Rachael Hornsby/Tufts Lab

Tournament management declared “Golden Boy” a bonafide largemouth bass and so Markus got to weigh it in and added a nice 3 pounds to his total and a pretty sweet story !

golden bass 2
Tourno fisherman Markus Bardy with his bizarre Golden Bass catch – Golden Boy. photo – GrindTV/Quinte Fishing Series


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