This Massive Blue Cat Caught In Louisiana Went 120 pounds But Was Denied The State Record

Louisiana fisherman Justin Coco caught this whopping lunker of blue catfish recently that was at least 6 pounds heavier than the standing state record – but was denied a record because of his method of fishing – snaggin. The rules are pretty clear for the state where you are only allowed a record if the fish is legitimately caught ( hooked by the mouth) by regular tackle on line and rod n reel.

It was a cracker of a fight though with Justin explaining – “I felt like I was hung,” Coco said. “He started stripping drag heading straight down the river. I didn’t move on the bank — I stood where I was at and fought him until he wore down. Once he wore down and got through pulling my drag out, I finally got the chance to get him in.”

big cat liosiana 2
Justin n his 120 pound blue cat image: FB/Justin Coco

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