This Rare Albino Sturgeon Pulled Like White Lightning and May Be a Record

And It Was Like..An Albino !

The big sturgeons of Canada attract all sorts of mad keen hardcore fisherman who want to battle a seriously big fish, with the biggest recorded going over 24 ft and 3,400 lbs. These leviathans pull hard and take a dedicated team to catch and land then get the obligatory in water shot.

Well Chilliwack angler Chad Helmer hooked one of these beasts on Fraser River in British Columbia and after a 2 hour fight landed what turned out to be a bizarre albino sturgeon and one according to local fisherman and scientists reckon is the biggest ever caught.

The strange albino sturgeon went the distance – photo Chad Helmer


that face you make when you catch a sturgeon and you realize its an albino – photo Chad Helmer

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