This Shark Wrangler Loves a Toothy Fight

And He Is Helping Science Too

Self confessed shark hunter Max Muggeridge, 19, is a lifeguard on the North Coast of NSW  who has a secret hardcore hobby – chatch’in sharks.

hammerhead by Max
Max and GF pose with a decent hammerhead off an unnamed beach in Northern NSW Australia – photo Max Muggeridge

His latest exploits include a Tiger Shark over 12-feet and a big Hammer also 12-feet. These are big sharks by any measure but when you hook em on big gear long-lining off the beach then spend hours wrangling em in – its hardcore in our books. He takes care to look after them once landed and releases them tagged to allow researches to study the species movements on along the Australian East Coast – something swimmers and surfers all would like to know more about !



tiger by Max
Max has the Eye Of The Tiger going here –  photo Facebook TBD Sharkfishing
shark wrangler
When the girlfriend gets too close Max has to wrangle the beast – photo Facebook TBD Sharkfishing



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