This Spotted Bass May Go BIG ..Like World Record BIG

spotted bass

And Was Caught In California .

Usually when a record Spot is caught it comes with insane tales of perseverance of thousands of hours chasing the big one and epic battles to get em in, but Wes has a slightly less sexy version of hooking what may be a pending world record spotted bass.

spotted bass
Big grin and even bigger spot – fark me an over 11 pounder ! photo : wideopenspaces

It starts with an ordinary day with two buddies out fishing one afternoon just before New Year in an undisclosed location in California when out of fucking nowhere Wes is randomly jigging while eating a ham sandwich and proceeds to hook and bag the beast in no less than 10 seconds. After both of em realized the size of the big girl – they proceeded to call another fishing buddy whom drove 4 hours with certified scales and walked em through the whole process for the record. We wait and see what announcement will be forthcoming from the IGFA on this one.

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