[UPDATE – New Video] Dude Catches Smallie That Smashes The South Dakota Record After Years Of Chasing It

[UPDATE]  – New Video Of The Awesome Catch


It took 3 years of fishing different areas, different baits and perseverance ( not that fishing all the time is a much of a pain in the arse !) but in the end for South Dakota bass fisherman Lyal Held it was f*ckin worth it all – nailing a 7 pound 3 ounce smallie on Horseshoe Lake that broke the state record by 3 ounces. And it was a serious pig – going only 19 inches long.

Lyal caught it on an Alabama Rig.

south dakota smallie record
That grin after 3 years of chasing the record 7 pound fattie – photo: Mitchell Republic

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