WATCH This Insane 500 lb Mako Smash A Sailfish Out Of The Water

As most fisherman know and have experienced first hand, it’s not uncommon to lose a catch to the sharp teeth of “the taxman” – hungry sharks can ruin a good fishing spot like a fart in an elevator – but this “shark grabs catch” story goes above and beyond a normal run goes aerial – big time.

Captain Bouncer Smith of Bouncer’s Dusky 33 fishing charter out of Miami Beach was chasing marlin and sailfish recently a few miles off Biscayne Bay when this estimated 500 pound mako shark absolutely smashed a 60 pound sailfish that had just been hooked out of the water in an insane display of power and ferocity.

Deckhand Abie Raymond, who shared the above video on Facebook, called it an “unreal mako shark attack on our sailfish”.

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