Watch This Kid Pull In A Trophy Walleye On A Tiny Rod With His Amazed Dad

Every fisherman loves taking their kids fishing – passing on the knowledge and passion to future generations – but just sometimes they hook something and land it that just makes your jaw drop ( and secretly wish you had hooked it !)

Check out this massive Walleye hooked by 4 year old fisherman Tristan Evans, who dressed as Spiderman was out fishing with his Dad at Cherry Creek State Park, Colarado begun to pester him to put on this particular swimbait that has taken his fancy. So his Dad Colin to get a bit of peace tied it on ,showed him how to work the bait and left him too it.

Well young Tristan didn’t f*ck around and pretty soon – BAM begins reeling in what turned out to be a trophy sized 28-inch Walleye.


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