Watch This Mad Crazed Hammerhead Shark Attack A Kayak Fisherman

And you won’t believe the dude’s name who battles this shark -McCracken but not Phil it’s Mark !

Low brow jokes aside this dude puts in an epic paddle battle with this insane hammerhead, fending off multiple attacks like John Snow on the wall !

shark-kayak attack
the Hammer lines up another ramming run…photo GrindTV

Mark McCracken was in his fishing ‘yak off Gaviota State Beach in Santa Barbara, California┬áchasing bonito when this decent sized hammerhead took exception to Mark fishing his waters and decided to manically attack the kayak.

Mark told NBC News “it hit the back of my kayak twice and I turned around to see it and I couldn’t tell if it was biting it or head-butting it “. The crazed shark followed him right into the shallows FFS !
We say well done Mark – he can be heard calling the Shark “Bro” – love fisherman !



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