Weird Rare Neon Green Pike Caught

What Happens When The Fish Go Green

It was a normal fishing trip for fisherman Randy Straker who when out on Canada’s Great Slave Lake hooked a very rare and strange Pike.

When Randy hauled in the 12-14 pound fish, he was blown away to find it a weird shade of neon green !

Canada’s Great Slave Lake (PICTURED: RANDY STRAKER WITH THE PIKE) Two anglers were left stunned after hooking a NEON pike. Randy Straker, 51, and Craig Thomas, 54, from Yellow Knife in Canada were about to bring their five-hour fishing trip to an end in the Great Slave Lake last Sunday when they grabbed the colourful catch. The fluorescent 40-inch, 14-pound green fish has a bright 'lipstick-like' mouth and a similar tinge to the rest of its fins. SEE MERCURY COPY
Now that is a strange looking Pike grin – green lips ? WTF Photo: Craig Thomas/Mercury Press/Caters New

It was reported to local fisherman and guides who confirmed a few others have been taken that look similar. The mystery of why it was so green appears to have been resolved by experts that explain the cells called chromatophores pick up colours similar to the local conditions the pike live in – algae rich shallow green lake edges !

neone pike 3
A normal coloured Pike above shows the distinct difference to the neon green version below Photos: Craig Thomas, via CBC

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