What Is The Most Effective Bass Fishing Technique

bass fishing Rice Lake

How to Smash Lunkers Every Time You Go Fishing

Ever had that session where everything you cast at the fish was smashed and it didn’t matter where you cast it ? Well firstly your fuckin lucky and lap it up when it does but let me tell you most of the time its like slogging it out of your end play after play and the defence is smashing you every time – finding fish feeding regulary is hard fuckin work.

These 3 simple tricks seem to work over the years –

– MATCH THE HATCH – If there’s heaps of small fry around – match it – if there’s frogs blippin about the pads – match it

– USE THE ALMANAC – That’s right – use the FORCE LUKE – The moon phases effect everything including fish biting.

– TALK TO YOUR MATES – Stay in touch with the dudes who have just done the hard slog and get the juicy tips on what’s fishing well and where at your local.




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