You Have To Check Out The New Smallmouth Bass State Record For Michigan

Bass fisherman Bruce Kraemer from Treasure Island, Florida was out last Sunday fishing his usual spots on the Indian River in Cheboygan County when BAM – he hooks up to a beast of a Smallie. The record catch was verified by Tim Cwalinksi from Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources and tipped the scales at an incredible 9.98 pounds and went 23.10 inches.

The new record fish smashed the standing state record set back in October, 2015 by Greg Gasiciel. Gasiciel’s fish was 9.33 pounds and 24.50 inches long.

Looks like the smallie record will keep tumbling as stated by Jim Dexter, head of the DNR Fisheries Division, who explains,“In just the last four years, anglers have caught a total of 16 state-record fish, a remarkable number of big fish in a relatively short time. This is just more evidence that Michigan is home to a healthy, robust fishery.”

Bruce and his solid smallie that busted the old state Michigan record – image: Bruce Kraemer/Michigan DNR

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